How to Block Spam Computer Popups

Posted by | on 09-11-2012

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Computer popups are an incredibly annoying reality that many users face when browsing the Internet. Filling with a wide range of different advertisements, it isn’t unusual for spammers to use popups in an attempt to trick computer users in to purchasing their products. Popups can even spread viruses and spyware. In an effort to block these popups, users will often try an assortment of different products that vary in efficiency. Fortunately, manual removal is possible, which can help eradicate popups. Some tools are also incredibly effective at making sure these pesky threats stay dormant.


Many web browsers offer a popup blocking preference. This preference can generally be accessed under the tools menu of the browser in question. Here, users can make certain the browser knows that any popups that occur should be blocked from view. This will help to make web browsing a more enjoyable experience.


Some browsers have sophisticated popup options, allowing the user to specify when they should be blocked. Popups can also occur for legitimate reasons, and some popup blockers will not allow those legitimate windows to be seen. By tweaking one’s personal preferences, it is possible to add websites that should be trusted or one-time exceptions that will allow content to be viewed.


Using Popup Blockers

Popup blocker tools are also a popular solution that can help minimize the occurrence of these issues. Many different tools are available on the market. Perhaps the most popular is PCKeeper, which can be used to ensure that web browser popups are kept at bay. PCKeeper is particularly useful as blocking popups is just one of the many features of this bundled utility. This makes investing in the software a smart solution for computer owners who would like to ensure their machine stays optimized and running efficiently.


Windows machines are not the only computers that struggle with popups. As these pesky issues occur within any web browser, Mac users may also find themselves fighting against popups that plague them when browsing the Internet. MacKeeper is a great solution for these individuals, as the software program can be used to perform a variety of optimization techniques, much like its sibling for the PC.


Some browsers also support programs that can be downloaded online, such as Better Popup Blocker. This blocker works in conjunction with Chrome, the web browser created by Google. It is important for computer users to remember that although a tool like Better Popup Blocker can be effective, any issues will not be able to be resolved with a support team. Those looking for a product with more guidance and assistance features may instead wish to look at MacKeeper or PCKeeper.


Dealing with popups is a problem that web users have grown accustomed to on the Internet. In spite of how common these problems are, there is no reason that a system needs to be nearly disabled by popups. By manually managing preferences and installing a dedicated popup blocker, web users can ensure they never again have to deal with spam popups.